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Image by Jared Rice

How does a Mind Body Coach differ from a regular Personal Trainer? 


Train the whole person.


For example, mind body training doesn’t focus only on reducing body fat or increasing strength; it centers on bringing different aspects of clients’ overall health—physical, mental and emotional—into better balance.


Improve the mind body connection.


Instead of just teaching exercise mechanics, trainers help clients to connect with their bodies and to feel and identify physical sensations and mental chatter.


Relaxation and Recovery.


Trainers help clients understand the relationship between well-being and the autonomic nervous system; and they give clients tools to cultivate the parasympathetic side—the “rest and digest” system—as balance.


Identify intrinsic motivation.


We go beyond physical goals, digging deeper into the relationship with clients to identify how they imagine their lives will be qualitatively better as a result of training. Then they use each client’s vision or dream as a motivational tool.

What we do

Mind/Body Coaching is the answer to the ways trauma, stress, and living life as a human affect both the mind and the body. Using holistic health practices and mindfulness tools in a program individually tailored to you, Mind/Body Coaching empowers you to bring balance to your sleep, digestion, creativity, physical resilience, and mental clarity. Your Mind/Body Coach partners with you on self-awareness, healing your nervous system, and healthy behaviors for optimal physical and mental vitality.


Our integrative psychotherapy (also known as talk therapy) considers each person’s whole experience past, present, and their future vision.  Our work with you includes not just mental and emotional health but also your physical wellbeing!


If you are experiencing…




Sleep disturbance


Digestive issues


Lack of motivation



We can help you…

Strengthen your mind/body connection

Use your energy for the things you love

Ease stress and anxiety

Improve brain fog and overwhelm

Sleep better

Thrive during life transitions

Regulate your nervous system

Create and maintain positive eating habits

Cultivate resilience

Understand what motivates you

Solve relationship conflict

Maintain work life balance and more!

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