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$149 Gets You UNLIMITED 20 Minute Sessions from now til 1/31!

Holiday sales. I am so overwhelmed by all the different sales by all the different businesses for the holidays. I have been racking my brain over giving the best deals to my clients, giving them the transformations at the best price and I can come up with multiple different amazing packages. But in all honesty, my main goal is to keep it as simple and affordable for you. 

I have been doing this for 5 years now. I run my own business and base it on my gut. My work is my passion and I absolutely love helping others. I know my prices should be higher, but to me, it truly is not about the cash flow. Yes, that is absolutely amazing and who does not want that? But it’s not everything. I have lost over 120 pounds and overcome many obstacles throughout my life, and I love helping coach others through life's struggles and thrive. I have been exactly where you are now, and I know first hand how miserable it can be if you are unhappy with yourself and your body. A little off subject but my point is, helping more people and making it affordable for everyone is my number one goal. 

So I’m going to disregard what everyone usually says with pricing structure advice and make it super simple. Memberships make the most sense to me, and the way the treatments work best. The more dedication and commitment you give me for 1 month can change your life. I will still offer single standalone treatments for those who do not want the memberships, but honestly there is absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t do the membership. If you come 2 times in the month, you already made it worth it. 

I am going to bring back the free 10 minute treatments during your consults. I did this in the past and honestly love doing this! The only reason I stopped is because I was fully booked and had to take it off the service menu. Since we are expanding and I now have help, we are bringing it back! You can see what the treatment is all about and feel first hand how amazing you will feel! 

After your consult and mini treatment. Price Packages are:

Single 20 minute treatments are $75

Body/Face noninvasive full session $200 1.5-2 hours (great option for people that can’t commit to a couple times a week or just want a complete body rejuvenation session and not join a membership)

$99 a month gets you an unlimited month of 10 minute treatments, unlimited RESET membership for the month, and private Elevate Mind Body Beauty Facebook group along with 50% off upgrades. Some treatments are excluded

$299 a month for your first month gets you unlimited 20 minute treatments throughout the month! (regular price $499) This is everything in our 10 minute treatment membership plus double treatment time and all of our coaching, noninvasive treatments, laser hair removal and more! (see blog about all the different options we offer for our membership)

This is hands down the best option for everyone. The more you commit, the better results you can get! I am talking about complete life changing transformations. In one month. For $299. I am there 5-6 days a week and work from 5am-7pm and have BOTH Saturday and Sunday hours. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t do this for yourself.

Instead of running 12 different sales for 12 different days of christmas. We are keeping it super simple. 

Our only holiday sale is… Drumroll please…

Get your first month for only $149! That’s 50% off!

BONUS* Purchase now and you can receive the rest of December for FREE!

So you will have unlimited 20 minute visits from now until 1/31 for only $149!

This is your year! Don’t wave a flag for the rest of 2023 and start back up after the new year.

Finish off strong and let’s kick off 2024 the right way! You have two choices. Which will you pick?

This would have been my dream gift the Christmas after I had my son. So you can purchase this deal as a gift certificate for a friend or family member as well!

After 1/1 First month memberships will go back up to $299 per month

Take advantage of this deal! I will also be at our Holiday RESET next Friday, December 15th 5-7pm in East Aurora! This is a FREE event! We are offering free consults and mini treatments. We are also giving away $1,000 Elevate Cash to one lucky winner, goodie bags, and more! Link in bio to register for event and online booking.

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! Stay warm!

*Some limitations apply

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