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Holiday Sales 2023 at Elevate

Hey guys! There’s so many amazing sales this month, so I wanted to put them all in one place and keep it simple so you don’t miss out on anything! These sales will be running from now until 12/31 but I would recommend booking your appointment now.

Great for the holiday season


Purchase any gift card, receive the same amount as a bonus gift card!

Purchase a $200 gift card and receive another $200 gift card for free


*Best Deal* 25 Session Membership for only $625! This brings each treatment down to $25! You can combine sessions for extended visits and mix and match appointments.

Most Popular* 10 Session Membership for $444!

Zero interest payment plan (3 payments of $148)

3 Session Membership for $149! Great for maintenance, and rejuvenation.


When you purchase two of our 10 or 25 session memberships, you will receive the 3rd for FREE! The requirement to use all sessions by the end of the month will be lifted for this sale and you will have 3 months from purchase date to use all your sessions! I realize the holiday season is very hectic so this will give you wiggle room to completely transform your whole body during these next 3 months.

If you ever have contemplated a noninvasive body contouring transformation, this is your time. We will be working together for the next 3 months on completely changing your life, mind and body.

Transformations include one on one personal training with Shannon and a customized treatment plan for your body and goals.

10 Session Membership

Month 1 - $444/10 sessions

Month 2 - $444/10 sessions

Month 3 - FREE/10 sessions

30 sessions for $888 = $29.60 per session!

PLUS A FREE $150 gift card to give to someone for the holidays!

BEST DEAL* 25 Session Membership

Month 1 - $625/25 sessions

Month 2 - $625/25 sessions

Month 3 - FREE/25 sessions

75 sessions for $1300 = $17.44 per session!

PLUS A FREE $250 gift card to give to someone for the holidays!

*Must pay in full to book appointments

For years I have been dying to get back to personal training and was waiting until we have our gym for more space, but I realized I can fully train 4 ladies at a time with the space I have at Sola. I am so excited to bring this combination together for my clients and can not wait to see the transformations that are about to go down! This is an affordable way to completely transform your body, and complete health and fitness!

Arms and Abs Semi Private Training

Holiday Sale - $99 gets you unlimited classes per month!

Stations include vibration plate workout, resistance bands, body weight exercises, and mat work to train and sculpt your arms and core. Your results will be amplified 1,000x!

Limit to 4 people per class. You must register for classes ahead of time. I have limited space and these are meant for semi-private training, so I will max out at 4 spots for the attention I would like to give to each client.

Includes 10 minute treatment of Lipolaser to help centralize fat loss in that stubborn area for 72 hours after each class!

Your choice of arms or stomach

(Lipolaser can be performed every 72 hours on same body part)

🔆One hour class

🔆Single class $25

🔆Unlimited Membership $99

Laser paddles target adipose (fat) tissue externally through the skin for 10 minutes, and results are seen in both circumference measurement and body contour of the area.

Clients can optimize their results through multiple lipolaser treatments combined with working out

Classes are held every:

Sundays 9am

Mondays 6am / 9:30am / 6pm

Thursdays 6am / 9:30am / 5pm

Fridays 6am / 9:30am / 4pm

Saturdays 8am

Mind Body RESETS🧘‍♀️

Semi-Private Group Coaching

Are you looking for guidance but not ready to commit to a full program? Our Mind Body Resets may be for you! This is the perfect solution for someone that would like the guidance, accountability, and support of coaching, but is looking more for a community or group setting. For all experience types from beginner to expert. By the end of the 30 minutes you will leave feeling energized, rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to tackle life. We learn to incorporate bite-size lifestyle changes into your life that transform you and start to give you rapid results.

Mind Body RESETS are offered a couple of times throughout the week, and you can choose to come whenever one is available.


Mondays 7:30-8am

Thursdays 6-6:30pm

Saturdays 9-9:30am

🔆$44 a month gives you unlimited access to any Reset class

🔆Try your first class for free for the month of November!

🔆$15 single class

Mind body exercises/stretching using bands and your bodyweight to strengthen your mind body connection.

Use of Vibration Plate workout. Benefits include speeding up your metabolism, while burning calories and building muscle, reducing joint and inflammation pain, improving balance, increasing bone density, improving blood circulation, helping get rid of toxins and more!

Mini energy/relaxation healings.

Motivational coaching on mindset and health.

This is not a structured workout class. This is a meet-up with like-minded peers to help with accountability and support while giving your mind and body a reset.


Super excited about this! For the month of November come in and try our noninvasive skin tightening for a crazy discounted price! This treatment helps SO MUCH! I reconstructed the skin on my stomach using this technology and avoided a tummy tuck surgery after losing over 120 pounds. These treatments changed my life, and helped transform so many others. I know things can be scary if you don’t know what to expect. Come in and you will immediately be amazed at the skin by the time you leave. I offer free consultations so you have absolutely nothing to lose and all the confidence to gain.

This is a great way for clients to come in, feel how enjoyable the treatment is, and see immediate results from a treatment before committing to a package!

We can treat ANYWHERE on your face and body!

It has so many benefits, here are just

a few…

Boosts collagen production, offers immediate results, accelerates healing, tightens skin, improves texture and tone overall, h

elps diminish stretch marks and reconstructs skin after major weight loss and postpartum.

$44 (20) minute treatment (regular price $100)

$60 (30) minute treatment (regular price $125)

$75 (60) minute treatment (regular price $200)

Spot treatments:

forehead, 11 lines, crows feet, under eye bags, smile lines, jowls, or double chin

$25 (10) minute treatment (regular price $75)

Limit 3 times per person for discounted price

Book now and get your appointments scheduled to lock them in before I book up.

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