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How I Started my Body Contouring Business

I’ve been there. I love every part of my job but skin tightening will always hold a special place in my heart because it changed my life, and so many lives of my clients. One of my favorite questions is when clients ask me how I got started with my business. I jump up and down every time I tell it. I gained 150 pounds during my pregnancy due to health problems, then I lost over 120 of it after having my son. I had gone back to school for nutrition, became a certified personal trainer, and was competing in bodybuilding competitions. My body was in the best shape of my life, but I would cringe looking at all the extra skin I had because of the major weight loss. I am so grateful everyday that I happened to come across a treatment that could tighten and reconstruct the skin over time and replace invasive surgeries; a nonsurgical tummy tuck. Over the next couple months, I started treatments with honestly zero expectations. I had lost 120 pounds and was shoving folds of skin in my leggings on the daily, so when someone told me I could get rid of this without surgery, I straight up laughed. But I thought to myself “What the hell, what do I have to lose?”. I figured that surgery would be needed in the future but in the meantime, I’ll give it a go. So every couple weeks, I would spend a couple hundred dollars to tighten the skin on my belly, and sure enough, my body started changing. It was the most miraculous thing to see, I could see the skin on my stomach tighten, lift and completely transform. And it all happened without surgery.

I am super passionate about helping others do the same especially after pregnancy and weight loss. Body transformations involve a lot, and I am about to show you EXACTLY why you should pick the right body contouring specialist and what makes me different from the others. I work on the whole area and the area surrounding the trouble zone. I care about my clients and their transformations. If you don’t do treatments correctly to fix the whole problem, you won’t be as satisfied with your results. The front of my stomach has always been my focus because that’s where the skin was the most severe from the pregnancy. I love to show my clients my stomach so they can see the complete reconstruction of how the treatments work. During the time I was working on my stomach, the technicians did NOT work on my sides, hips, or back. I had no idea how drastically this would impact my results. I put trust in them, and the treatments were working great, my body was changing and I was gaining my confidence back. Fast forward a couple months; the transformation in the front of my stomach was absolutely incredible, but this left the skin on my sides and back untouched and not matching the front which did bother me, although, like I said, it did correct the major trouble spot that I had been most focused on. After seeing how life changing this was first hand, that is when I started my own body contouring business. I have not tightened my skin in years. I show my clients my transformation so they can see what the treatments do. I know the do’s and don’ts of body transformations. I work with the whole area and surrounding areas to make sure we are getting all of the trouble zones. I am posting a video of my stomach so you can see first hand at how AMAZING these treatments are. You can see how much the skin on the front has tightened compared to my sides and back. Yes, I do have excessive skin still. Some people may watch this video and cringe, but these treatments changed my whole life, and gave me back my confidence. My body is not perfect. I gained 150 pounds and lost 120 of it. It is beautiful, and there is absolutely nothing with having a little help to help boost your results in a completely noninvasive way!

Come in and chat with me, we can go over any questions you may have. My main mission is to make these services completely affordable for everyone, because everyone deserves to feel happy and confident in their body. Sometimes we just need a little boost to help us see results faster!

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