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Moving Locations February 15th

I am sitting here in disbelief that in a little over a month we will be in our wellness center. I am smiling from the inside out and I just want to tell the world! The beautiful thing about the internet is I can describe in a blog post how excited I am and share the news with the world!

Goals for Elevate. Complete mind body wellness

My goal for 2024 is to reach as many people as I can and teach them about mind body wellness. This can be in person at the wellness center, through workshops, retreats, and events, or online through blogs, a podcast, social media, private online communities, email newsletters, and more! My passion project of the year is to help as many people live their BEST life imaginable. Complete wellness. I have been dreaming of this my whole life. And I finally get to do it! I am a firm believer that you have the power to change your life because YOU are the creator. I ask my clients to mentally envision their ideal day in detail. I personally surround myself with things that bring me happiness. I have spent years in dark times, where it was difficult to see any light but I always kept my light shining in me, and now my happiness is my nonnegotiable. I’ve always wanted to design my ideal place. I have already started creating this in my current studio with our beach and rainforest room. I walk into a paradise and get to spend my day there! If you have visited our place, you know first hand how amazing the vibe is. I am going to take the exact colors and decor and transport the rooms from Sola and place it right in our new space. EXACT same atmosphere, just improved, and more space! 

My happy place would be a yoga/wellness spa that when you step inside, you completely transport into the most relaxing and rejuvenating oasis. From the moment you arrive, a wave of complete calmness washes over you. It’s like you stepped into a Costa Rican paradise. A place where you can workout and then sit down and relax while eating some protein balls or a salad, then have a little coaching mindset session to get pumped up to continue with all these amazing healthy lifestyle habits. A place where you can get a facial, your haircut, and afterward you can sit down in our little bistro area to enjoy a cold pressed juice or a salad. The area will mimic sitting with a couple friends while you're surrounded by bright sun rays and happiness. You can workout, then get your nails and makeup done. 

You can try out an assisted stretching session, followed by a coaching session focused on nutrition. A safe place that you can find amazing supplements that aid in your health journey and genuine guidance and advice. We offer a fridge stocked with prepped healthy foods that are ready to go and take home, so you’ll have them on hand and have no excuses.

Yoga and meditation studio where we focus a lot on breathwork, restorative poses, and help strengthen your mind body connection. Enjoy an energizing energy healing session, followed by a few minutes in our infrared sauna blanket, listening to binaural beats in the background while you enjoy all the benefits of the infrared heat . A place where you can completely relax and give your body and mind a RESET.

We work on health, wellness, mindset and personal development. We can design a whole personalized plan tailored to you as a self paced course to do in between sessions or on your own time. A lounge area where we dive deep with coaching, journaling, and goal setting. It’s everything you could imagine to have peak performance and live your best life all under one roof!

I wanted a place where I can meet a friend or two and do this all together and form new friendships with others that love this vibe, too. I want to grow this amazing healthy calm community that wants to focus on self care, and realizes how crucial it is. You become a better mom, you become a better spouse, you perform better at your job, you have more energy to play with your kids, you lift up your friends so they change THEIR lives and it’s this amazing wellness ripple effect and it’s just something so beautiful and I can see it so clearly, I can’t wait to turn my dreams into reality and share it with you all!.

I wanted a place where you can host your birthday party or a ladies night out. Instead of eating shit food, drinking, and waking up to feel crappy for a few days, we meet and get a facial, noninvasive body contouring, a fresh hair blowout, makeup, or laser hair removal. We sip on some healthy mocktails in some fancy ass glasses and talk about how kick ass our life is!  How amazing does that sound?! You guys, I can talk about this forever and how perfect it will be.

Hahaha. Teachers always yelled at me for daydreaming. 

This daydreamer is bringing the most fucking amazing wellness center to Buffalo NY.

I’m going to run a flash sale on our 3 month membership so you can see for yourself!

For a limited time, BOGO if you and a friend purchase a membership! Let’s grow this community! Who is with me!?

1 Month Membership-20 minute treatments $149

                                   45 minute treatments  $299

3 Month Membership-20 minute treatments $299

                                   45 minute treatments  $699

MOVING SALE: SAVE AN EXTRA $100 off 3 month memberships

Cant wait to show you all my vision as it comes to life this year!

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