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New Networking Group At Elevate

Hey everyone! I have been on a mission to start a networking group based on wellness this past year but with little space and time, it just wasn’t a good time. Now that we will be moving  in a couple weeks, we will now have everything we need and have the perfect location for our networking meetups! 

This networking group will be very unique. It will definitely be casual and impactful. Come dressed in workout/comfortable clothes because we will be getting some movement in, blood flowing, brainstorm together in our mindset lounge, bounce ideas off each other, hold each other accountable for wellness and business goals, and help support one another all while in a spa like environment!

Bonuses that come with your membership:

One month unlimited ‘Mindset, Motivation & Wellness’ Networking Events. 2x a month. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday from 5-7pm.

One month 20 minute membership to come up to 5x during the month for accountability, and to keep you feeling and performing your best.

Access to our private online community for our group where we can have a space to communicate throughout the month and support each other. You will have access to our training courses to guide you and help you reach peak performance and smash all your goals!

1.5 hour events


What will we be doing at the event?

Stretching, getting a little workout in on the vibration plate before heading over to our mindset and motivation lounge where we work on goals, journal, and bounce ideas off each other. Sipping on some cold pressed juice and snacking on gluten free protein balls from Green Eats while we sit in front of some sunshine therapy lamps getting some rays of light and fill yourself with feel good vibes in the most relaxing, kickass environment!

Casual meet up networking group where like minded individuals have a place where we can meet and game plan to take our lives to the next level. Whether it be health and fitness goals, business, family, or life in general.

This group is perfect for fellow entrepreneurs, but not limited to them. Everyone is welcome and will benefit greatly from such an amazing support system in their life!

This group is MADE for people that are highly motivated and driven. They have big goals but unsure of the steps to get there, they just need some guidance and a plan!

This group is for go getters that are always kickin ass and smashing goals, but never taking the time to slow down, and focus on themselves. Self care and relaxation are crucial for you to perform your very best. If you are always running on an empty tank, day after day, you are not performing at your best. You may be working hard as fuck, but there is a smarter way.

This group is going to be the most beautiful group where you will learn how to slow down, and you will be blown away at how much more productive you will be and how smoothly your life will run.

My job is to show you that we can have it BOTH ways! It is going to be the perfect combination of relaxation and motivation, and it will transform your life as you know it.

When powerful women work together, the sky's the limit.

I can’t wait for this! My ideal activities in my ideal environment, surrounded by my ideal kind of people! Let’s goooo!

Who is ready to tackle 2024 with me!?

Mindset, Motivation, and Wellness Networking Group will be $99 a month. 

$594 for a full year. Save 50%!

If you would like to purchase a ticket for one single event, it’s $25 per event. Option to upgrade at the event, or send us an email.

March 17th 5pm-7pm is our first meet up! Purchase your ticket today!

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