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Mind Body RESETS🧘‍♀️

Semi-Private Group Coaching


Are you looking for guidance but not ready to commit to a full program?

Our Mind Body Resets may be for you! This is the perfect solution for someone that would like the guidance, accountability, and support of coaching, but is looking more for a community or group setting. For all experience types from beginner to expert.

By the end of the 45 minutes you will leave feeling energized, rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to tackle life!


We learn to incorporate bite-size lifestyle changes into your life that transform you and start to give you rapid results.


Mind Body RESETS are offered a couple of times throughout the week, and you can choose to come whenever one is available.


🔆$44 a month gives you unlimited access to any Reset class


🔆$15 single class


Mind body exercises/stretching using bands and your bodyweight to strengthen your mind body connection.


Use of Vibration Plate workout. Benefits include speeding up your metabolism, while burning calories and building muscle, reducing joint and inflammation pain, improving balance, increasing bone density, improving blood circulation, helping get rid of toxins and more!


Mini energy/relaxation healings.


Motivational coaching on mindset and health.


This is not a structured workout class. This is a meet-up with like-minded peers to help with accountability and support while giving your mind and body a reset.

 All Reset members will receive 10% off other memberships.


*Option to add noninvasive body contouring treatments for $20

text 716-508-0218 if you would like more information.

*Must register for classes

🔆Try your first class for free for the month of November!

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