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🔆New Service Alert 🔆 Sunlight Therapy 🔆

Updated: Feb 17

Seasonal depression is real. Together let’s beat the winter blues with our newest addition to Elevate Mind Body Beauty Wellness Spa. Introducing our sunlight therapy treatment!

A lot of people experience seasonal depression during the darker and colder months, when there is less natural light and people are less likely to spend time outdoors. The transition from fall to winter means grayer skies, shorter days, and for some people, the return of seasonal affective disorder. With the acronym of SAD, this disorder has symptoms similar to depression (such as feeling sad, listless, and sluggish) but occurs only during the late fall and winter months.

This decrease in sunlight exposure can reduce serotonin levels. Serotonin influences the circadian rhythm and a person’s mood. People that suffer from seasonal depression also tend to have higher melatonin levels. Melatonin is the hormone that the brain makes to help a person feel sleepy. Too much melatonin in the daytime can cause fatigue and sleepiness.

Sunlight therapy counteracts this by simulating natural light.

Light therapy — which involves sitting close to a special light source for at least 30 minutes — can help improve SAD. But many people don't realize that this therapy can also be effective for major depression and depression that occurs during or after pregnancy, known as perinatal depression. How magical!

"For both seasonal and nonseasonal depression, the effectiveness of light therapy is approximately the same as antidepressant medications, or popular forms of psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy,"

Our mission is for us to transform your day from the moment you step into our wellness spa, and leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to uplevel your life and wellness!

More great news, Sunlight Therapy will be included in our memberships 🔆 Book your appointment today!

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